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Zetuvit Plus is especially suitable for the treatment of moderately to heavily exuding wounds. The dressings offer excellent patient comfort and satisfaction, a superabsorbent core for fast absorption and retention of exudate even under compression, supports improved wound healing and has high clinician satisfaction.

  • Particularly absorbent, wound-compatible dressing pads with absorbent core of soft cellulose fluff and superabsorber, non-woven fluid distribution layer and water-repellent reverse side
  • Soft wound contact layer ensures fast absorption of wound exudate into the dressing and prevents adherence to the wound
  • Quick and uniform distribution of exudate into the superabsorbent core
  • Very high absorption capacity due to highly absorbent core
  • High wearing comfort due to excellent padding properties
  • Water repellent outer later protects clothing and bedding

Zetuvit Plus Superabsorbent Plus Cellulose Fluff / Nonwoven Dressing - Box 10

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