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Wings™ Incontinence underpad has moisture vapor permeable film that allows moisture vapor to transfer away from the patient while protecting bed linens from bodily fluids, leaving the patient dry and comfortable.
  • Super absorbent soft core with "honeycomb technology" effectively wicks fluid away from the point of insult, super absorbent polymer encapsulated in every cell for improved fluid management.
  • Strong cloth-like backsheet: No plastic touching the patient promotes skin wellness.
  • Spunbond non-woven topsheet: Allows fluid to flow quickly into the core and away from the patient.
  • Dual action core.
  • Whisper quiet.
  • Airlaid absorbent core.
  • White backsheet.

Wings Quilted Moisture Vapor Permeable Underpad 30" x 36"

Item# Description Size Price
P3036MVP 30" x 36" 40 in Case $70.16