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Fiberlinks Textiles Inc. Waterproof Sheet Protector 44" x 52"

No more middle-of-the-night bed stripping - you can keep sheets dry all night with Priva Waterproof Sheet Protectors! Placed over the bottom sheet, the sheet protectors protect both the mattress AND sheet from moisture and staining caused by incontinence or medical conditions. Simply replace the soiled sheet protector with a fresh one in seconds for discreet, comfortable protection. Offered in a variety of absorbency levels and sizes, all of Priva's pads are machine washable and bleachable.

Waterproof Sheet Protector

Item# Description Size Price
A11607 44" x 52" 1 Each $16.15
P12205 with Flaps 34" x 36" 1 Each $12.98
P12605/H with Handles 34" x 36" 1 Each $11.87