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Urocare Products Inc Urinary Leg Bag with Odor Barrier Medium 18 oz 13" x 3-3/4", Anti-reflux Valve, Latex, Reusable

Reusable, odor-barrier leg bags are made with a unique seamless latex design that includes molded loops for leg straps that will not break or disconnect from the bag. Patented, Anti-reflux Little Red Valve prevents urine backflow and bladder distention, thereby reducing possible infections. Uninterrupted flow is ensured since the valve is interference-free and is virtually self-cleaning
  • Odor Control Barrier.
  • High Flow Anti Reflux Valve.
  • Latex Reusable.

Urocare Reusable Latex Leg Bag Medium 18 fl oz.

Item# Description Size Price
8518 18 fl oz. 1 Each $65.68