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Respironics Universal Inline Pressure Valve for Preventing Backflow in CPAP/BiPAP Systems

This Pressure Valve is a spring-loaded valve that helps prevent the back flow of oxygen (O2) or water from the patient circuit into CPAP/BiPAP systems when the machine is turned off. Any back flow passes out of the circuit through vents in the valve. When the CPAP/BiPAP machine is operating, the valve allows air to flow normally through the patient circuit but when the pressure is eliminated the valve seals to prevent backflow.
  • The pressure valve should be attached inline between the machine and the patient breathing tube.
  • This valve will not prevent water backflow from integrated humidifiers or humidifiers attached with a short coupler.
  • This valve can be used in conjunction with Universal Inline Bacterial Viral filters.

Universal Inline Pressure Valve

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302418 Preventing Backflow in CPAP/BiPAP Systems 1 Each $28.02