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Milliken Healthcare Products AFM® Ag Antimicrobial Wound Contact Layer Dressing 4" x 5" with Active Fluid Management and SelectSilver® Silver Ion Technology, Flexible

Milliken SelectSilver AFM® Ag Antimicrobial wound dressing incorporates two patented technologies, Active Fluid Management® and SelectSilver® which sustained release silver ion technology. AFM® Ags pumping action keeps the wound evenly moist, but not wet. Excess fluid moves quickly and evenly through AFM® Ag into a secondary dressing to help prevent maceration. The inexpensive secondary dressing can be changed as often as required without disturbing the wound bed.

Continuously pumps excess exudate away from the wound bed to help prevent maceration.
Keeps the wound bed evenly moist for optimal healing conditions.
Remains intact when exposed to fluid and during removal.
Provides 7 day broad spectrum antimicrobial efficacy.
SelectSilver® sustained release ion technology kills infection-causing microbes such as MRSA, VRE, and Pseudomonas.
Causes less disturbance to the wound bed due to fewer dressing changes.
May be used under compression.
Is cost-effective compared to other antimicrobial dressings.

Tritec Silver Antimicrobial Wound Dressing 4" x 5"

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3000005137 4" x 5" 1 Each $9.71
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