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Kent Precision Foods Group Thick-It® 2 Instant Food Thickener 10 oz., Cornstarch-based, Gluten-free

Thick-It®2 Instant Food and Beverage Thickener is a concentrated formula, which means you use less to achieve your desired consistency, resulting in the consumption of fewer calories and carbohydrates. This may be a better option for people with diabetes and those trying to manage their weight.
  • Concentrated version of the original formula.
  • Works in hot or cold liquids and pureed foods.
  • Blends to any level of consistency and won't affect taste or appearance.

Thick-It 2 Instant Food Thickener

Item# Description Size Price
J586-H5800 10 oz. 1 Each $11.13
J587-C6800 36 oz. 1 Each $34.60