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A one-step catheter securement system that combines the features and benefits of a SorbaView® dressing with Shield technology. The Shield is a combination of SorbaView® dressing line and Shield technology. SorbaView’s patented design wicks away excess moisture and breathes like skin, while protecting patients by keeping out bacteria. This helps lower the risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI) associated with central lines.
  • Film barrier keeps microorganisms away from the site.
  • Large window for thorough assessment of insertion site.
  • Small window for monitoring catheter hubs.
  • Reinforced collar keeps hubs locked firmly in place.
  • Deep notch helps seal tubing in place.
  • Contoured edges help prevent dressing from peeling up.
  • Absorbent pad wicks away moisture.
  • Soft fabric conforms comfortably with skin movement.
  • Shield technology: Manufactured stabilization device designed to prevent tugging forces from reaching the catheter.
  • Tabs and perforations increase versatility and facilitate easy removal.
  • Universal application: Jugular.

Sorbaview Shield Adhesive Dressing 3.75" x 5.5"

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SV353AFXT 3.75" x 5.5" 50 in Box $258.31