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Simplicity™ Adult Poly Brief for moderate absorbency.
  • Simplicity™ Adult Poly Brief features 2 tape tabs, a soft top sheet and super-absorbent polymer for moderate absorbency.
  • Simplicity™ Adult Poly Briefs 2 tabs provide closure and keep fluid locked in.
  • Simplicity™ Adult Poly Briefs use less plastic, resulting in less heat build-up and greater comfort.
  • Simplicity™ Poly Briefs provide an underwear-like look and feel for an improved, customized fit.
  • Anatomically Contoured Mat ensures a customized fit and improved fluid management.
  • Simplicity™ Adult Poly Briefs have a comfortable fit, contributing to a more normalized lifestyle.
  • Simplicity™ Adult Poly Briefs keep the skin dry and provides for more skin exposure for increased air contact.
  • Sizes: Medium 32"-44" Large 45"-58"and X-Large 59"-64"


  • Simplicity Insert Pad provides effective and convenient protection for ambulatory residents.
  • Simplicity insert pads can be used with either the wearer's regular underwear, or with Simplicity Stretch Mesh Pants.
  • Outstanding odor neutralizing and containment qualities: Maximize protection.
  • Can be worn with regular underwear or special mesh pants: 
  • A more streamlined fit and improved dignity as compared to a full brief.
  • Contains POLY-FRESH super absorbent polymer: Maximum dryness.
  • Adhesive patches: Secure placement.
  • Wetness sensor: Indicates when it is time to change.
  • Available in four levels of protection: To accommodate most absorbency needs.

Simplicity™ Adult Poly Brief

Item# Description Size Price
63013 Medium 32" - 44" 12 in Pack $12.72
63013 Medium 32" - 44" 96 in Case $33.90
63014 Large 45" - 58" 18 in Pack $15.67
63014 Large 45" - 58" 72 in Case $33.52
63015 X-Large 59" - 64" 15 in Pack $15.67
63015 X-Large 59" - 64" 60 in Case $33.52