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Promise Light Absorbency Pad For Light to Moderate Protection.

  • Light and airy two-piece pad and pant system.
  • Designed for light to moderate bladder and/or bowel incontinence protection.
  • The pad design is open on the sides, leaving more skin surface exposed to the air.
  • Contoured core promotes improved comfort and leakage protection.
  • Wetness indicator (on back) alerts caregivers that the pad has been soiled and needs to be checked.
  • Soft, non-woven backsheet is gentle against the skin and less noisy, providing improved comfort and greater dignity.
  • Oval-shaped elastics hug the body, creating a comfortable seal for improved leakage protection.
  • For postpartum and incontinence protection.
  • Unisex. 


  • This pad is for light to moderate bladder and/or bowel incontinence protection.
  • As a two-piece system, these pads provide a more discreet, Body-Close Fit™ when worn with TENA® Comfort pants.
  • They are anatomically-designed for comfort and security.
  • Dry-Fast Core™ Technology rapidly pulls fluid away from the skin and traps it into the lower storage core where it is gelled by super-absorbent microbeads for greater security and skin dryness. 

Promise® Light Absorbency Day Pad

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62550 Promise® Light Absorbency Day Pads 84 in Case $37.89