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Leakeage Protection, Comfort and Security for Incontinence Sufferers.
  • Dual core significantly increases the ability to wick and lock fluid away from the skin, resulting in superior performance and user comfort.
  • Advanced OdorSecure™ technology reduces the amount of ammonia formed in the absorbent core, preventing odors before they begin.
  • Core is thinner and more discreet, providing a more comfortable, dignified fit.
  • Swift & Soft™ advanced acquisition layer technology is the softest, highest performing acquisition layer on the market.
  • The stretchy, cotton-like fabric provides a more discreet and dignified fit than traditional absorbent underwear.
  • Inner leg cuffs provide double barrier leakage protection from both urinary and fecal incontinence, during activity or while in bed.
  • Cloth-like softness that feels great and doesn’t irritate the skin.
  • Size: Large 45"-58"

Presto Plus Protective Underwear - Maxiumum Absorbency

Item# Description Size Price
AUB23040 Size 45" - 58" 72 in Case $40.50