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Sterile, Latex-free

Derma Sciences DuSoft® Non-Woven Dressing Sponges are ideal for wound cleansing and as secondary dressings for added absorbency. They produce less lint and are less adherent than woven gauze sponges, therefore causing less disruption to newly-formed granulation tissue. These are made of rayon or polyester blend.
  • Derma Tracheostomy and Drain Sponges are latex-free.
  • Sterile.
  • Individually wrapped woven gauze.

Non-Woven Sterile Tracheostomy/Drain Sponge

Item# Description Size Price
84916 4" x 4" 6-Ply 25 in Pack $12.39
84918 2" x 2" 6-Ply 35 in Box $1.20