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Molicare Mobile Protective Underwear is ideal for use in cases of severe urinary incontinence and for extended use and overnight protection. Featuring a fuller, thicker mat for extended use. High absorption capacity and strong fluid retention for superior dryness. Reduces unpleasant odor and maintains optimum skin health. Comfortable, light and discrete to wear while providing maximum protection for mobile individuals. Exceptional leakage protection while providing a secure and comfortable fit. Easy-to-identify sizing and application to ensure proper fit. Size: Large 39.5"-59". Case: 4 Bags of 14 Briefs (56/Case).

  • Innovative three-layer core for quick acquisition speed and to disperse fluid away from the skin.
  • Super absorbent polymer to bind and neutralize acidic and alkaline fluids.
  • Soft topsheet, flexible trim-fit core and cloth-like waterproof outer barrier.
  • Soft, fluid-repellent inner leg cuffs and multi-strand elastic leg gathers.
  • Size: Large 39.5"-59". Case: 4 Bags of 14 Briefs (56/Case).

MoliCare Mobile Underwear, Extra, Large, Case/56 (4/14s)

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