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Versatile Single-Use Washcloth for Incontinence Care.
  • Excilon™ deluxe style with heavy absorbency.
  • Soft single use wipe.
  • Novonette Finish.
  • Non-Scented.
  • Ideal for use as a general purpose facecloth, hand towel, or for incontinence care. 
  • Two Absorbency Options.
  • Novonette Finish Offers Deluxe Style.



  • Cardinal Health Kendall White Washcloths, previously manufactured by Covidien, offer two versatile general-purpose facecloth, hand towel or incontinence care products.
  • Kendall White Washcloths are available in two varieties based on absorbency needed.
  • The toughest is the (Covidien 6040N) that's both both soft and absorbent because of its Novonette Finish.
  • The Novonette weave is a unique pattern to yield strong texture to serve a variety of applications requiring heavy absorbency.
  • There is also moderate absorbency White Kendall Washcloths (Covidien 6363) for an economical version intended for moderate absorbency.
  • Kendall 6040N and Kendall 6363 White Washcloths measure 10 x 13 inches.
  • They do not come pre-moistened and are intended for single-use.
  • 50 washcloths per pack to protect the cloths until needed.
  • If you are also interested in wet adult wipes for incontinence care you may also want to check out Procare Wipes as well as vinyl gloves.


    Kendall White Washcloths - Moderate to Heavy Absorbency

    Item# Description Size Price
    6040N Kendall White Washcloths 10" x 13" 50 in Pack $5.35