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Features Coban®, a latex-free, cohesive bandage that is easy to unroll and apply. First layer is a padding bandage made of a blend of synthetic materials that absorbs wound exudate -- a comfortable, non-woven layer primarily provides protection to bony prominences.
  • Second layer is a crepe bandage that anchors and smooths padding layer while absorbing exudate.
  • Third layer is a compression bandage, that conforms to any contour while providing about one-half of compression. 
  • Fourth layer is a cohesive bandage that adheres to itself and secures system without tape. 
  • Kit contains four bandages and three tape strips.
  • CEB is the medical profession's only choice when a 100% cotton elastic bandage is required.
  • CEB's high-grade cotton yarns are woven to form a bandage of porous, hypo-allergenic elastic, with a non-raveling feathered edge.
  • The rubberless weave reduces the risk of constriction and makes for a more comfortable bandage.

FourPress Latex-Free Sterile Bandage System

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