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Smith & Nephew Covrsite™ Cover Dressing 4" x 4", Pad 2" x 2", Water-Resistant

Smith & Nephew Coversite Composite Cover Dressing is designed as a secondary cover dressing for gels, gel sheets, alginates, wound fillers and non-adhesive foams. It can also be used as an alternative to tape and gauze over central line dressings. The gentle adhesive is designed so that the dressing can be changed daily. It is indicated for the management of acute or chronic wounds.
  • Replaces traditional tape and gauze with a single step dressing.
  • Covered when used on wounds with light to moderate exudate.
  • Water-resistant, extensible and conformable.

Coversite Cover Dressing

Item# Description Size Price
59714000 4"x 4" 10 in Box $17.01
59714100 4"x 4" 30 in Box $43.68
59714300 6" x 6" 10 in Box $27.54
59714400 6" x 6" 30 in Box $36.38