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This Disposable Underpad is fluffy and made from soft material. They are soft and non-irritating draw sheets. They are fluffier and are designed to draw fluid away from the skin while reducing odors. The absorbent polymer construction keeps skin clean and dry. Provides a strong breathable backsheet technology with a super absorbent core that wicks moisture away from the patient’s skin.
  • Strong enough to lift and reposition up to 400 lb with breathable back-sheet technology.
  • Maximum absorbency with a super absorbent core to wick fluid away from skin and contain voids.
  • Air-permeable, allowing air to circulate for use on low-air-loss mattresses.
  • Soft top sheet helps to increase patient comfort.
  • Latex-Free.

Cardinal Health Premium Disposable Underpad for Repositioning

Item# Description Size Price
UPR3036 30" x 36" Light Green 40 in Case $76.02
UPR3036 30" x 36" Light Green 1 Each $1.23