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Feel Safe and Secure with Attends Insert Pads for Light Incontinence.
  • Available in packs and cases.
  • Lightweight and super-absorbent underwear liners.
  • Ultra thin.
  • Secure fit adhesive peel strip
  • Have cloth-like material backing.
  • Unisex, disposable, and individually-wrapped.
  • Comes in convenient carry pouch.


  • Attends Insert Pads are lightweight, super absorbent underwear liners.
  • These lightweight pads are unique because they have a cloth-like material on the backing and on the pad surface.
  • This cloth-like surface will eliminate any shuffling noise while walking, maintaining discretion and comfort.
  • The cloth surface will effectively reduce any skin irritation caused by the surface of the padding.
  • These panty liner pads have an adhesive strip that runs along the entire back to keep the confidence pad securely in place for as long as its needed.

Light Pads are Insert Pads that have a super absorbent, but lightweight core. These pads come in a convenient carry pouch that fits discreetly in a back pocket. 


Attends Light Insert Pads - Light Absorbency

Item# Description Size Price
IP0300-CA-192 Attends Light Insert Pads - Light Absorbency 3-3/4" x 11-1/2" 192 in Case $54.90
IP0300-PK-24 Attends Light Insert Pads - Light Absorbency 3-3/4" x 11-1/2" 24 in Pack(age) $8.90