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Light Absorbency Underpad Designed for Mild Leaks.
  • Quilted Top Sheet for Quickly Wicking Away Moisture.
  • For Clinical and Home Use.
  • Light Absorbency.
  • Low Profile is ideal for Minor Surgical Procedures.
  • size: 30"x30"


  • EZ-Sorb Light Absorbency Underpads, manufactured by Attends Healthcare are comparable to Dri-Sorb underpads.
  • However, unlike Dri-Sorb Chux, these underpads have a light absorbency designed for mild leaks. 
  • EZ-Sorb Underpads feature a quilted top layer and a moisture locking core.
  • The cloth-like backsheet prevents slipping of the pad during procedures.
  • A light absorbency pad can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Use EZ-Sorb pads for minor surgical procedures, IV starts, catheter insertion, mild incontinence or even lining pet cages!

Attends EZ-Sorb Underpads - Light Absorbency

Item# Description Size Price
H-3030/5-PK-5 Attends EZ-Sorb Underpads 30" x 30" 5 in Pack(age) $4.90
H-3030/5-CA-150 Attends EZ-Sorb Underpads 30" x 30" 150 in Case $58.04