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A Very Absorbent Brief for extended wear or overnight.
  • Attends Extend Wear Adult Briefs contain additional fluff and polymer so they can be worn for extended periods of time or overnight.
  • Rapid Lock System provides superior acquisition, skin wellness, dryness, and odor control.
  • Non-woven, cloth-like inner and outer covering is softer and quieter, providing comfort and dignity.
  • Comfort Flex-Tabs are soft, flexible and can refasten anywhere on the brief (To fasten, just press the tab down firmly against the brief, then gently tug sideways on the tab).
  • Sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large 58"-63"


  • Incontinence level: severe.
  • Attends most absorbent brief!
  • Can be worn for extended periods of time or overnight.
  • Provides superior acquisition, skin wellness, dryness and odor control.

Attends Extended Wear Adult Briefs

Use: Disposable
Closure Style: Tabs/Snap
Protection Level: Heavy
Sex: Male and Female
Age: Adult
Protection Type: Urinary and Fecal Incontinence
Bariatric: No

Attends Extended Wear/Overnight Brief

Item# Description Size Price
DDEW20-PK-24 Medium 72 in Case $205.49
DDEW20-PK-18 Medium 18 in Pack(age) $51.37
DDEW30-CA-56 Large 56 in Case $205.49
DDEW30-PK-14 Large 14 in Pack(age) $51.37
DDEW40-PK-14 X-Large 14 in Pack(age) $40.91
DDEW40-CA-56 X-Large 56 in Case $163.65