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Boost Your Confidence and Dignity with Attends Discreet Panty Liners for Light Leaks and Dribbles.
  • Shaped incontinence liner can be worn with your own underwear.
  • Odor protection against unpleasant smells - for confidence and dignity.
  • Soft breathable material.
  • Designed for light bladder leaks and dribbles.
  • Size: Liner size 6"


  • Attends® Discreet Liner can be worn with normal underwear as the adhesive strip on the back of the liner helps to ensure the liner stays in place.
  • It has a soft top layer and can be used for light leaks and dribbles.
  • Quick Dry Technology ensures the liner absorbs quickly leaving a dry top layer and dry skin.
  • The fixation tape ensures the liner stays in place when you wear close fitting underwear, reducing the chance of leakage.

Attends® Discreet Panty Liners - for Women

Item# Description Size Price
ADLINER-CA-672 Attends® Discreet Panty Liners 672 in Case $96.90
ADLINER-PK-28 Attends® Discreet Panty Liners 28 in Pack(age) $9.90