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Super Absorbent Underpads for Bed Protection - Heavy Absorbency.
  • Designed specifically for use on air-flow therapy beds.
  • Absorbency level: Heavy
  • Super absorbent beads quickly lock in fluids and help prevent odor.
  • Soft, cloth-like topsheet promotes healthy skin.
  • Designed to allow air flow when pad is either wet or dry.
  • Cloth-like, non-slip backsheet reduces heat retention.
  • Prevents odor.
  • Size options: 24x36" and 23x36"


  • Cairpads, manufactured by Attends, are chux blue pads that are super absorbent to protect beds, chairs, car seats and more.
  • These disposable underpads are perfect for protecting carpets, potty training dogs or for use during an IV insertion.
  • The Cairpad chux are unique, because they have enhanced breathe-ability, so that air can flow freely.
  • Improved airflow is ideal when using Air Beds to prevent bed sores.
  • These Attends pads are designed to reduce odors by locking moisture away from the surface.
  • This feature will also allow air to flow when the pad is wet, preventing skin damage.

Attends Cairpad Underpads - Heavy Absorbency

Item# Description Size Price
CFCP-2336/5-PK-5 Attends Cairpad Underpads - Heavy Absorbency, 23" x 36" 5 in Pack(age) $18.90
CFCP-2336/5-CA-60 Attends Cairpad Underpads - Heavy Absorbency, 23" x 36" 60 in Case $89.57