Alimed Ankle / Foot Orthosis Medium, 12 Inch H Size 7-8 Male, Size 8-10 Female Right Foot - EA/1

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  • Trimmed low in the malleolus area, reducing m/l stability to allow some plantar flexion
  • Specifications include dorsiflexion, some plantar flexion, some m/l stability, lasted for normal shoe, and some dorsiflexion assist
  • These braces give the wear and support you require
  • They eliminate messy casting and annoying delays, Without modification, these prefabricated Footdrop Braces fit up to 80% of your patients
  • If needed, the braces can be quickly and easily customized with a heat gun

Item Specification

  • Item 6624 Size Medium, 12 Inch H. Shoe Size 7-8 Male, Size 8-10 Female. Packaged: EA/1

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