AMSure® Urinary Drain Bag Anti-Reflux Valve / Twist Drain Valve, Sterile

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  • Amsino AMSure® Urinary Leg Bag is a sterile, Latex-free urine collection bag that holds up to 600mL of urine. This catheter leg bag can easily connect to any foley catheter and has a bottom draining, anti-reflux, push-pull valve, with two pre-assembled Latex-free straps and a sterile fluid pathway.
  • Bottom draining.
  • Twisturn valve.
  • With two pre-assembled latex-free straps.
  • Sterile fluid pathway.

Item Specification

  • Item AS308N Size 600 ml. Packaged: PK/4 CS/48
  • Item AS309N Size 900 ml. Packaged: PK/4 CS/48

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