Alpine® Sports Leg Bag with Offset Left Port, Small, 15 oz - EA/1

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  • The Alpine® Reusable Latex Leg Bag provides premium odor protection and relief by use of the patented Kraylex® odor barrier. With the Coloplast® alpine reusable latex leg bag, you can expect affordable, long lasting protection with a style that is all your own.
  • Maintenance is simple, cleaning is easy. Just use your Alpine fresh cleaner.
  • The Coloplast® alpine reusable latex leg bag also makes use of an offset port design that facilitates unrestricted flow while seated, plus comfortable bag positioning on the inside or outside of the right or left leg.
  • The alpine reusable latex leg bag is available in capacity.
  • Has patented Kraylex® odor barrier, offset port options to the right for wearing bag on right leg, and integrated loops, providing total confidence and comfort.

Item Specification

  • Item 68006L Size Small, 15 oz. Packaged: EA/1

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