Advazorb Silfix® Foam Dressing Square Sterile - BX/10 CR4178 CR4179

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  • Combines the excellent fluid handling capabilities of Advazorb with a layer of atraumatic soft silicone adhesive
  • The soft silicone ensures that the dressing does not stick to the wet surface of a wound bed or cause trauma to delicate new tissue upon dressing removal
  • This is particularly suited to those patients with friable or delicate skin
  • Enables the dressing to be placed onto the patient while a secondary dressing or bandage is applied for retention
  • Foam Dressing
  • Hydrophilic Foam/Silicone
  • Sterile
  • Shape - Square
  • Size-1 - 3 X 3 Inch
  • Size-2 - 3.9 X 3.9 Inch
  • Size-3 - 4.9 X 4.9 Inch
  • One Box (10 Nos.)

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