Actisorb™ Silver 220 Silver Dressing Silver, Charcoal Cloth, Nylon 2-1/2 X 3-3/4 Inch

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  • ACTISORB Silver 220 Dressing is a sterile primary dressing, comprised of activated charcoal cloth, impregnated with silver, within a spun bonded nylon envelope.
  • Within the dressing, there is 220 mg silver per 100 g activated charcoal cloth equating to 33 µg of silver per square centimeter of cloth.
  • Indications: ACTISORB Silver 220 Dressing provides an effective barrier to bacterial penetration and for adsorbing offending odor resulting from wounds; the binding properties of the dressing trap bacteria, bacterial toxins and odor.
  • ACTISORB Silver 220 Dressing may help reduce infection in partial- and full-thickness wounds, including: pressure ulcers. venous ulcers. diabetic ulcers. first- and second-degree burns. donor sites.
  • surgical wounds. Contraindications: ACTISORB Silver 220 Dressing should not be used on third-degree burns.
  • Warnings: Should not be used on patients with a known sensitivity to silver.
  • For external use only.
  • Do not use if individual pack is damaged/opened. Do not resterilize.
  • Precautions: This product should not be cut, otherwise particles of activated charcoal may get into the wound and cause discoloration.
  • The dressing performance may be impaired by excess use of petrolatum based ointments.

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