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  • Classification-Moderate to heavy incontinence, Absorption-47 fl oz/ 1400 ml, Waist size-Large 40 inch x 56 inch
  • Double absorbent core-ultra absorbent core transfers wetness and moisture quickly away from the skin ensuring the feeling of dryness. Odor protection-two premium super absorbing polymers lock odor away
  • Backsheet-super soft 100 percent breathable non-woven offers the ultimate in comfort and dryness.
  • Wetness indicator-indicates when the product should be changed
  • Internal hydrophobic cuffs preventing leakages-run from edge to edge providing ultimate leakage protection, Anatomical shape-ensures a perfect fit to the body

Abri-Flex Large fully breathable disposable underwear are for people who require maximum security without sacrificing comfort. Designed with more elastic to ensure pad stays in place ensuring maximum leakage protection. 3 absorbency levels to offering individualized care, from light to full incontinence.

Abena Abri-Flex Premium Protective Underwear, L1, 14 Count

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