3M™ Tempa·DOT™ AX Axillary Adhesive Thermometer Strip F. Color Dots 99 to 104 Degree NonSterile- BX/80

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  • Axillary Adhesive Thermometer Strip
  • Color Dots
  • Plastic
  • Fahrenheit / Celsius
  • 3 Minutes
  • 99 to 104 Degree F
  • Each dot changes color from tan to blue at a specific temperature relative to the melting point of the specific chemical mixture in the dot
  • Tempa DOT™ AX thermometers are specially designed with an adhesive strip to hold themselves in place in the axillary (underarm)
  • Thermometers are disposable to eliminate time and labor spent on disinfection, recalibration, recharging and repair of electronic and tympanic units, and eliminate expense and risk associated with toxic mercury cleanup and disposal
  • Tempa™DOT thermometers are sensitive to environmental temperature - see storage conditions

Item Specification

  • Item 5001. Packaged: BX/80

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