3M™ Scotchcast™ Plus Cast Tape 2 Inch X 12 Foot Fiberglass

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  • Exposure to moisture or water initiates a chemical reaction which causes the tape to become rigid
  • Finished casts produced from Scotchcast Plus casting tape are lightweight, strong, radiolucent, and porous
  • Casting tape contains a lubricating agent in the resin to provide a slippery feel when exposed to water
  • Fabric impregnated with polyurethane resin

Item Specification

  • Size 2 Inch X 12 Foot.
  • Item 82002 Colour White. Packaged: RL/1 CS/10
  • Item 82002A Colour Black. Packaged: RL/1
  • Item 82002B Colour Blue. Packaged: RL/1
  • Item 82002R Colour Red. Packaged: BX/10
  • Item 82002U Colour Purple. Packaged: BX/10
  • Item 82002V Colour Bright Green. Packaged: BX/10
  • Item 82002W Colour Bright Orange. Packaged: BX/10
  • Item 82002X Colour Bright Pink. Packaged: RL/1

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