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Hollister Karaya 5™ low-profile urostomy pouch with exclusive Karaya 5™ seal ring and built-in convexity which protects the skin from stomal discharge.

  • Natural Karaya offers flexibility, shallow convexity and is bacteriostatic.
  • Security and confidence is assured with porous tape, internal non-reflux valves and convenient drain valve.
  • Confidence and comfort by using superior pouch materials; transparent, odor-barrier film.
  • Plastic belt tabs permit easy attachment of a belt to the pouch for additional security.
  • Odor-barrier film.
  • Drain valve open/closed (tear drop) indicator.
  • Recommended for post operative use.
  • Recommended for home use.
  • Bathing/swimming allowable.

Hollister Karaya 5™ low-profile 1-Piece Urostomy Pouch Precut

Item# Description Size Price
1432-PK-10 1" 10 in Box $128.81
1433-PK-10 1-1/2" 10 in Box $124.46
1434-PK-10 2" 10 in Box $128.81
1438-PK-10 1-1/4" 10 in Box $108.01
1439-PK-10 1-3/4" 10 in Box $128.81